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North London Business Park

Driver Vacancies


Experienced Liciensed PCO drivers.
PCO Licensed Drivers only. Minimum 2 years experience.

We are not activly seeking drivers as of February 2024, but as Easter approaches and we get more bookings for more work we will consider applications from new drivers.

We engage self-employed PCO drivers of late model cars (preferably no older than 5 years).

We have a wide range of clientele, our work includes airport transfers with approx 60% of our customers paying cash fares.

Great money to be earned for professional, hard working drivers.

We are a long established cab company with an excellent reputation and loyal client base.

Text your details in the first instance and we can call you back when we are at a desk Include: Name, Location, Experience, Vehicle, and availability and email if possible.

Please Text 020 8440 2222 in the first instance, a team member will respond and conduct a telephone interview in the first instance.

Alpha Cars Barnet
Airport Transfers
Any time, day or night we are available to pick up or drop You off at the airport of Your choice.
Hospital Visits
We cover all the local hospitals as well as specialists like Great Ormond Street, The Devonshire Clinic, Westmoreland, The Wellington Hospital and many more.
Station Transfers
New Barnet, High Barnet, Kings Cross or St Pancras International, Paddington, Victoria we are there for You.
Parcels and Documents
We deliver parcels, packages and documents for many clients, wait and return is available.